The Twenty-Fifth Annual Sparwood Coal Symposium hosted by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and Teck Coal Limited is taking place on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at the Sparwood Leisure Centre, 367 Pine Avenue, Sparwood, BC.

Information and a schedule for the event can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

There is no registration process or fee, but please RSVP to Don Mills This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fiona Katay This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you will be attending.


May 17/2016: Cranbrook, BC:

The Ktunaxa Nation Council and Teck Resources Limited (“Teck”) today announced the signing of an Impact Management and Benefits Agreement that will create numerous long-term benefits for the Ktunaxa people and increased certainty around future sustainable mining development in the region. The agreement relates to production at Teck’s steelmaking coal operations within Ktunaxa ?amak?is (Ktunaxa Nation Territory) in British Columbia’s Elk Valley region. Spanning approximately 40 years and all five operations, it is one of the most comprehensive agreements of its kind in place in Canada and sets out commitments for both parties in the areas of:

 Consultation and engagement

 Environment and land stewardship

 Employment and business opportunities for Ktunaxa citizens

 Cultural resources management

“As Ktunaxa, our roles as stewards and protectors of the land are vital to who we are,” said Kathryn Teneese, Ktunaxa Nation Council Chair. “This agreement affirms the commitment the Ktunaxa Nation and Teck have to protecting and rehabilitating the environment, providing economic opportunities for Ktunaxa communities and citizens and protecting Ktunaxa culture and language.”

A brand new information circular released by the BC Geological Survey summarizes the importance of the coal sector to our region and province. 

Extending along the northwest-southeast structural grain of the Rocky Mountain Front Ranges in southern British Columbia, the East Kootenay Coalfields includes three fields: Flathead, Crowsnest, and Elk River. In the last 20 years, these fields have produced more coal than the rest of British Columbia's coalfields combined. Since 1898, over 780 million tonnes, mainly of metallurgical coal, have been produced from the Crowsnest and Elk River fields. The East Kootenay fields produce coal from multiple seams in the Mist Mountain Formation, a 100 to 700 m thick unit of sandstone, siltstone, shale, and mudstone in the middle part of the Kootenay Group (Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous). Most coals in the Mist Mountain Formation are coking coals. They are predominantly medium-volatile bituminous in rank and have low sulphur contents. High-volatile A bituminous coals occur near the top of the unit; low-volatile bituminous coals occur near the base of the section. Since 2008, Teck Coal Limited has been the operator and primary owner of all five active mines. These mines produce about 70% of Canada’s total annual coal exports.

Click Here to Download Information Circular 2015-10 - The East Kootenay Coalfields

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